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Conversational Email

Forget Everything You Know About Email

Nothing squashes productivity like distractions. We redesigned email to keep you in flow, rescuing your precious time so you can do more in less. Win the never-ending battle for speed, efficiency, and zero-clutter with Hop!

Real Conversations

Slash through complex formatting to reveal a real flow of conversation.
Hop hides signatures, email headers, and quoted text for easy reading. Teleport back to original emails with the tap of a finger.

Organize By People

Hop powers up your contacts view, letting you jump back into open conversations or find attached media faster than a speeding bullet.

zap the noise

Zap The Noise

Unsubscribe from newsletters, snooze a message, block a sender, and auto-archive entire message threads with ease.

Real Time Awareness

Hop lets you practically read minds by seeing when someone is typing you a response in real-time*. *recipient must be a Hop user

Sixth Sense

Instantly know when anyone has
opened your sent message.

Unified Inboxes

Combine work and personal email accounts for one unified, convenient inbox. Or, keep them separate for laser-like focus. Whatever you prefer, Hop lets you customize so you can work faster.

All-seeing, All-knowing Calendar

All-seeing, All-knowing Calendar

Hop converges all of your calendars (Google Calendar, Facebook, Apple Calendar) so you can see it all on one nimble screen.

We obsessed over saving you time and effort, loading more power into your fingertips so you can squeeze minutes into milliseconds. Who knew email could be so... efficient?

Light Speed Replies

Tap the lightning icon to send a rapid response, or customize your own.

Swipe like a boss

Gain the Power of Gestures—Hop is loaded with them—so you can shortcut like a ninja.

Actions En Masse

Archive tall conversations in a single swipe! Just a few gestures allows you to move, manipulate, or BAM! Delete whole collections of emails.

See Through Walls

Visually browse all attachments ever sent by someone, without having to open emails one by one.

Attach From The Cloud

Attach From The Cloud

Conjure share links and files out of thin air — from your Drive or Dropbox— all from Hop while you compose your message.

Bend Notifications To Your Liking

Hop lets you tailor notifications exactly as you wish. Identify each contact with their own unique sound, only get notified for priority messages, or mute specific threads.

Smartphones and messaging pushed communication to new frontiers, leaving email in the dust. But email is here to stay, and Hop gives it a modern makeover, breathing new life into our most common form of professional communication.

Channels: Open, Effortless Communication

Create collaborative, shareable workspaces in an instant while sparing your team from yet another app login. It’s like chat channels and the freedom of email had a power child.

Flow Together

Channels transform complicated email chains into easy-to-follow discussions. Wait, is this still email?! Oh yes it is. And it’s badder than ever

Join Forces In Seconds

Seamlessly get everyone sharing and working together.

Project Knowledge In A Tap

You know that project you brought in external help for? Just add your new partner to a channel and BAM! They'll have instant access to the group conversation, right from their email. No clunky authentication needed.

Open To All

Add people to the conversation anytime. Thanks to the discussion history, newbies gain instant context so you’ll never have to rummage back through your archives.

Super Stealth Encryption

Hop EEM (encrypted email messaging) lets you share information freely without worrying about cyber criminals, hackers, or other bad guys who might be lurking. In a tap, AES256 encryption keeps your mail safe so you can focus on other things.

In the Press

"If electronic mail had been invented today, it would probably look a lot like this"


"An excellent design and ease of use"

Business Insider

"Unlike any other email client you've used before"


"Hop as a concept makes even more sense once you consider what email has become."

The Verge

What People are Saying

Email's needed upgrade, Micha Kaufman — Founder & CEO of Fiverr

As someone who receives hundreds of emails everyday, the efficiency and speed with which I can process and respond to messages is everything. Hop is designed to do exactly that. It was built to rapidly scan, respond, archive and reschedule messages. Plus, it does so in a Messenger-like interface, which is how human beings are accustomed to naturally communicate. It is the upgrade email needed after being stuck for 5 decades.

Changed my world , Shirley Winner — Event Designer

A life changing App! So user friendly, smart, and helpful. Makes my mail much more effective and fun to use.

Made me 10x more productive, Daniel Kaz — Project Manager

Unbelievable service. I am using my gmail as a messaging and email platform, with open channels. Outstanding!

Totally changed the way I communicate, Joseph Manela —Business Development

Thank you so much for developing this innovative business communication approach. This way of using email is so awesome, it changed my way of dealing with customers. The conversation style is so smart. The clear distinction between people chats and other emails means that I can effortlessly focus my attention on the things that matter most.

Please keep it a secret, Brendan Pascal — Freelance graphic designer

I am a freelancer in graphic design. Hop is my secret weapon. It has truly given me superpowers. Being responsive and effective in pulling out creative jobs was never so easy. It’s like magic. I keep getting compliments from my customers.

A life and time saver, Adel Haider — Freelance copywriter

Finally a real life and time saver. It’s about time we move away from traditional cluttered email threads to chats. Thank you for creating this game changer!

Goodbye Slack, Marina Sutton — Creative Director

Hop Channels are the best thing invented since sliced bread. I can open a channel easily from my email, and everybody with an email can join the chat. This is simply incredible!!! I used to work on slack for my projects only to get complaints from my customers that didn’t want to add yet another app. Sorry Slack, but Hop is the real thing.

Results You Can Expect

Less threads to follow

in people mode

Faster communication

in Channels

Shorter messages

than email

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