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We’ve started Hop with the vision to radically improve the way people and businesses communicate over email. We’ve made Email conversational, clutter free, fast and enabled real group collaboration over email with Hop Groups.

Today, we're excited to announce our first step in upgrading Email Privacy with Hop EEM (Encrypted Email Messaging).

Privacy is a very important element of any communication (especially email). It grants you the comfort to speak, collaborate and share information freely, without worrying about cybercriminals, hackers or ‘officials’ who might be listening...

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We’ve designed Hop EEM to be as simple to use, you can quickly toggle between regular Email and Encrypted Email using the lock button, no codes, passwords or hustle required. When active, the message and all attachments are safely encrypted. Encrypted Messages are seamlessly visible to all participants using Hop and one tap away for non Hop users.

Hop EEM works by creating a per message encryption key and splitting the key between Hop and your Email Provider, making “bad actors” access virtually impossible.

Speak Freely :)

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